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Journal of Archaeology, History, and Exploration Volume 4, No.3: 2007 The Looting of Archaeological Sites
Recent Finds in Archaeology:

· Earliest Hominins in Eurasia

· Modern Humans may have been in Europe 45,000 years ago

· Starch Diets and the Evolution of Human Digestion

· Origins of the Domestic Cat: New Evidence

· City Formation in Ancient Syria

· Hatshepsut's Mummy Identified

· Early Veracruz Insciption Assigned to Olmec Period

· Etruscan Chariot Restored to Former Glory

· Tribal Art from Papua New Guinea Dates Back 800-1200 Years

Archaeology on the Internet:
·links on looting and the antiquities trade

Feature Articles: The Looting of Archaeological Sites

·  Editorial: The Meaning of Provenience

· Introduction: Looting and the Antiquities Market 

    by Michelle A. Miller

·  Case Studies in the Antiquities Market:

    1.  The Origins of the Euphronios krater.

    2. The Provenience of the Morgantina Venus.

    3. Sources of the Buddhist "Dead Sea Scrolls."

·  The Antiquities Trade, Legislation, and Borders: Central America as a Case Study  

    by Christina Luke

·  Ancient Ivories from the Bering Strait: Lessons from a Legal Market in Antiquities

    by Julie Hollowell




World Archaeology:

· The Archaic Tradition in Puerto Rico

    by Angel Rodrigues Alvarez

·  Greek and Roman Theaters in Ancient Bulgaria: 
    The Roman Provinces of Moesia and Thrace in the 4th-5th centuries AD

    by Stiliyan Stanimirov

  [All articles listed above are contained, in their complete form, in the printed issue.]  

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