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Early Map of Caribbean by Peter Martyr (1511)

Published between1511 and 1530, Peter Martyr's book De Orbe Novo includes some of the the earliest descriptions of Spanish voyages to Mexico, Central and South America, and the Antilles.

This map, from Martyr's 1511 edition, includes relatively accurate detail on the coastlines from the Bay Islands of Honduras at Guanaca (Bonacca) around to the mouth of the Orinoco. Martyr's sources for the mainland coast were the 3rd and 4th voyages of Columbus and the voyages of Ojeda. It also shows Bermuda for the first time on any map. Florida, here called  Isla de Beimenhi, was not to be visited by Ponce de Leon for two more years, in 1513.


[Fig.1: Peter Martyr's early map of the Caribbean (De Orbe Novo, orig.1511).]


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