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Nice-Cimiez: The Magistrate's Bath frigidarium

Construction of the Roman Bath complex at Nice-Cimiez began during the Severan period (AD 193-217), when the North or Magistrate's Bath was completed. This was later expanded to include separate bathing areas for men and women along the east and west sides, making the Nice-Cimiez baths the largest in Gaul.

This view shows the high vaulted chambers of the frigidarium or cold room in the Magistrate's Bath, made with typical Roman construction methods of layers of masonry alternating with bonding tiles. The bath complex was excavated between the 1930s and '70s and contains the Musée archéologique de Nice-Cimiez.

[Fig.1: Magistrate's bath frigidarium at Nice-Cimiez (photo: Athena Review).]

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