Athena Review: Paleoanthropology in the News: Neanderthals, archaic Homo sapiens and anatomically modern humans

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Neanderthals (Homo sapiens neanderthalensis), Archaic Homo sapiens, and Anatomically Modern Humans (Homo sapiens sapiens)

  • DNA distances Neanderthals from modern humans (AR 2,3)

  • DNA Clues to Neanderthals, from the BBC News online, 10-11-00.

  • Burial of boy, 24,500 BP, in Portugal (AR 2,2)

  • Origins of Language:  Argument hinges on the hypoglossal canal (AR 2,1)

  • Music From a Stone: Scientists Create Stone Instruments from ABC News Online, 9-8-00.

  • Upper Paleolithic Net Hunting in Czech Republic; (AR 1,4)

  • Spacing of holes in bone suggests flute (AR 1,3)

  • Neanderthals 'R' We: Virtual gallery from University of Kansas, quotes several well known scientists.

  • Late Neanderthal beads at Arcy- sur-Cure (AR 1,2)

  • Photos of the Gesher Benot Ya'aqov (GBY) site

  • Hunting and gathering of H. s. Neanderthalensis  vs. H.s. sapiens (AR 1,2)

  • bitumen for tool hafting at Umm el Tlel in Syria (AR 1,2)

  • Early blades from Kenya, 240,000 BP (AR 1,1)

  • Woolly rhino offers Ice Age clues from BBC News Online, 10-05-00.

  • 32,000 BP, Zafarraya Cave, Spain (AR 1,1)

  • For the latest controversies. (AR 2,4)

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