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Papyrus sources

One of the most interesting branches of history stems from good preservation of written papyrus documents from archaeological sites around  the Nile Delta. These writings, mainly recovered after 1890, offer a detailed window into the daily life of ancient Egyptians from Hellenistic through Medieval times. Most are in Greek and Coptic, with later examples in Arabic. A recent project, the Advanced Papyrological Information System (APIS), has linked efforts at several major universities  to conserve, classify, and publish their collections of papyri documents. Now, as never before, these primary research materials are available to everybody.

Carlsberg Papyrus Collection     Significant groups of 1-2nd c.AD texts from the Tebtunis Temple Library, excavated in 1930, plus material from Hawara and Edfu, at the Carsten Niebuhr Institute at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Duke Papyrus Archive      Descriptions and images of 1,373 papyri from ancient Egypt. A tremendous research site hosted through the Special Collections Library at Duke University.

Institut fuer Papyrologie   Listings with images by chronological period, from the collection at the University of Heidelberg, Germany.

Princeton University Library Papyrus Home Page   In addition to several high-quality digital images of fragments from Homer, the New Testament, and ancient tax rolls, this newly-created website contains a descriptive inventory on sources, conservation methods, and contents of Princeton's papyri, some of which came from Oxyrhynchus in the Egyptian Fayum. Hosted by the Department of Rare Books and Special Collections.

University of .California Tebtunis Papyri   Over 21,000 papyrus fragments from a single Egyptian site, Tebtunis, recovered in 1899-1900 by the British archaeologists Grenfell and Hunt, are at the University of California. This website from the Bancroft Library at Berkeley features related groups of correspondence and other documents.

University of Michigan Papyrus Collection   Another large research collection, including materials from Tebtunis, forming part of the APIS database.

Yale Papyrus Collection   3000+ papyri, many from the Islamic period, at the Beineke Rare Book Library at Yale University (gopher site).

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