Athena Review: Paleoanthropology in the News: Australopithecines

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Athena Review

Journal of  Archaeology, History, and Exploration

Paleoanthropology Pages

Human Origins and Early Human Ancestors

  • Fossil Hominids The Evidence for Human Evolution.

  • "Humankind's African Origins"

  • New Species Of Human Ancestor Found In Ethiopia 4-23-00

  • New skull measurements for Mr. Ples  Australopithecus africanus from southern Africa (AR 2,1)

  • Mid-Pliocene Hominid from Kenya: Pushing back the time frame of bipedalism (AR 2,2)

  • Defining Australopithecus garhi: first of the tool-using hominids? (AR 2,2)

  • A. anamensis links first hominids (AR 2,1)

  • Nearly complete Ethiopian skull of A. boisei (AR 1,4)

  • A new Australopithecus: mandible of A. bahrelghazalia found in Chad (AR 1,2)

  • Tracing  back Australopithecus anamensis and Ardipithecus ramidus (AR 1,1)

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