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Sources and Publishing Index

Languages and early writing: New World (Mesoamerica, North America, South America)

Early writing: Old World (Near East, Egypt, and Mediterranean):

Classical era (Greece, Rome, and Near East): 

       Graeco-Roman Papyrus Documents from Egypt : A wealth of papyrus documents from the Graeco-Roman era have come to light on the daily lives of ancient people in Egypt between 350 BC and AD 650, ranging from tax and bank accounts to love letters and marriage contracts, birth records, divorce cases, temple offerings, commodity lists, and most other conceivable types of memoranda ( personal, financial, or religious). A recent project, the Advanced Papyrological Information System (APIS), has linked efforts at several major universities  to conserve, classify, and publish their collections, including Greek, Demotic, Hieratic, Arabic, and Latin texts.


Greek and Latin texts:

Numismatics: Coins from antiquity to the present day:

Dark Ages, Viking, and Middle Ages:

Renaissance to Modern: Library collections


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