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Athena Review Image Archive   

Remote Sensing: Index

Remote sensing uses sophisticated technology to gain information on distant or hidden areas. Two categories of images include: a) those showing new discoveries at archaeological sites seen from space, and b) those revealing geology or other features of sites otherwise inaccessible.

Links to NASA/JPL. Their projects, from Space Shuttle flights to long-term interplanetary missions, are the primary source of satellite photography for views of both earth and the geology of other planets.  

 Archaeological Sites:


     Angkor, general view from SIR-C radar image

     Angkor Wat, newly-found Kapilapura Mound

     Smang Teng, an outlying temple group near Angkor


     The Great Wall of China, new sections found with SIR-C radar images

Geology of Remote or Hidden Places on Earth:


    Aorounga Crater


     Himalayas, source of the Brahmaputra River


      Chicxulub Crater, gravity maps

      Chicxulub Crater, map of impact zone


Rivers Seen From Space  (based on a variety of NASA/JPL Landsat and radar images of terrestial rivers)


Geology of Remote Places in the Solar System:


     Pwyll Crater


     Mars Odyssey Probe finds water from melting snow

     Then and Now: on the Surface of Mars

     The South Pole of Mars and evidence of water ice

     The Mars Polar Lander


     Mare Orientale Crater and Cordillera Mountains


     Cleopatra Crater

     Danilova Crater

     Mead Crater

     Global view of Venus

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