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Rivers Seen From Space:  The Missouri at Lisbon Bottom

This image of 5 by 10 km shows the Missouri River floodplain at left, and higher foothills to the right with dendritic (finger-like) stream drainage patterns appearing yellow.

Topographic elevations in this view are shown with different colors, with the lowest areas purple, and higher areas successively in blue, green, yellow, and orange,  up to 85 meters (279 feet) in elevation.  At left center the location of Lisbon Bottom, near Glasgow, Missouri, is 39.1 degrees north latitude, and 92.9 west longitude.

Darker zones in the meandering floodplain at left are agricultural areas, many damaged by flooding during the summer of 1993. One levee failure on the north side of Lisbon Bottoms is marked by a temporary channel scoured across a field, appearing here as a purple band at top left.  Greenish-yellow areas along the floodplain are trees lining the riverbank.  The image was obtained  by the Topographic Synthetic Aperture Radar System (TOPSAR) in a DC-8 aircraft in August, 1994.


[Fig.1: Missouri River and foothills (NASA/JPL P-46311; 1994).]


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