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Rivers Seen From Space:  The Missouri at Glasgow

This satellite radar view, which shows the Missouri River during recent flooding,  covers an area of 37 by 25 kilometers near Glasgow, Missouri (39.2 degrees N. latitude and 92.8 degrees W. longitude). The SIR-C/X-SAR image came from the space shuttle Endeavour on its 50th orbit on Oct. 3, 1994.

Flooding is visible at various points along the swath of fertile river bottomland. In the upper center of this image,  a break in the levee is revealed near Glasgow, Missouri, where blue regions may be seen below the bend in the river. To the left (west) of this dark area, a blue gap in the levee  is also visible, where the river breached its barriers.

These satellite images have been widely used for study of changes in levee forms and alluvial deposits, during the widespread recent flooding along the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers and their tributaries.

[Fig.1: Missouri river during 1994 flooding (NASA/JPL P-44733; 1994).]

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