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The Mediterranean World:   Ancient Rome and Etruria

The Cities and Cemeteries of Etruria

by George Dennis

This 1848 work by George Dennis represents the first detailed and accurate archaeological account in English of the Etruscans, a major civilization in Etruria, northern Italy, directly ancestral to the Romans.

[Painting of dancer from Etruscan tomb; Dennis]

Prior to their 3rd century BC defeat by the Romans, the Etruscans were one of the most powerful kingdoms in the Mediterranean, with strong ties to Greece demonstrated both in their art and their use of the alphabet (their actual language, however, is still largely unknown and untranslated). Their homeland of Etruria extends from the region of Florence southward to the coast just above Rome. Dennis presents a wealth of information on a number of major Etruscan sites, perhaps best known for their distinctive tombs and burial art.

From the 1848 London edition by John Murray, 2 volumes with all original illustrations and site plans by Dennis, with additional figures, notes, and updated references.

Vol. 1:  Paperback; chapters 1-29; 549 pages. Illustrations, maps, introduction by Dennis. ISBN 1-887954-05-8.

Vol. 2: Paperback; chapters 30-59; xv and 519 pages. Illustrations, maps, index, and bibliography. ISBN 1-887954-06-6

2 volume set. ISBN 1-887954-04-X.

US $29.95


Observations on the Antiquities of the city of Herculaneum

by Charles Cochin and M. Bellicard

This mid-18th century report covers the first findings at the port town of Herculaneum, located only a few km from Pompeii and buried by the same eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in AD 79. Today, after generations of excavation have revealed blocks of dwellings, baths, and shops in often excellent states of preservation, much of Herculaneum still lies covered by volcanic tufa, waiting to be revealed. Details are provided on discovery of the buried Roman theater and other architectural features, numerous wall paintings, and a group of household artifacts intact in the rooms where they were used.

From their 18th century vantage point, Cochin and Bellicard provide the earliest comprehensive set of observations, reactions, and insights into one of the most interesting events for humanity. This visit to Pompeii's neighboring city shows the unexpected nature of meeting up with our distant past, an experience that archaeology alone can provide.

[18th c.excavation of Herculaneum theater; Bellicard]

From the Paris edition of 1754, with the 30 original drawings of the site’s architecture, paintings, and sculpture by Bellicard, plus additional graphics and references.

1 volume, Paperback, 165 pages. Illustrations, maps, and index.

ISBN 1-887954-14-7.      US $19.95

[Roman Forum ca. 1890; from Lanciani]

Ancient Rome In the Light of Recent Discoveries

by Rodolfo Lanciani

A thoughtful, lively, and highly readable guidebook to the crossroads of the ancient world, Ancient Rome was written by an archaeologist and engineer who took part in late 19th century excavations in the Forum, and numerous other parts of the city.

Lanciani, who studied early Christian catacombs with the famous scholar De Rossi, also taught in the USA and worked for a number of years on the inscriptions of Rome found during excavations. The book contains many illustrations, site plans, and excellent early photos. The text is particularly useful for its observations of the changes over time of the ancient Roman structures, their transformations into later churches and buildings, and as an introduction to the various kinds of problems of interpretation when combining historical inscriptions and archaeology.

From the original edition of 1895, the present volume contains all original drawings and photographs (98 figs.), plus additional maps and figures.

1 volume, Paperback, 351 pages. Plates, figures, bibliography, and index.

ISBN 1-887954-02-3.    US $19.95

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