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Saint-Raphaël: Amphorae from a Roman shipwreck

The Musée Archéologique in Saint-Raphaël has an outstanding collection of Graeco-Roman amphorae recovered from shipwrecks in the nearby Mediterranean. One of the ground-floor rooms of the museum shows an impressive stack of amphorae from the 1st century BC Dramont A shipwreck. Roman ships of this period measured 15-20 meters in length, and could carry up to 2000 amphorae stacked vertically (about 12,000 gallons of wine or oil). Later Spanish examples of amphorae in the museum were used to store both olive oil and a favored fish sauce known as saumure.

[Fig.1: Roman amphorae from shipwreck (Musée Archéologique de St. Raphaël;  photo: Athena Review).]

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