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Tulúm: the Temple of the Frescoes

The Temple of the Frescoes, located west of the Castillo, has a small colonnaded lower gallery with two groups of murals from ca. AD 1450 in the Mixteca- Puebla style (Miller 1982). The uppermost paintings show the Maya deity Itzamná or Lizard House, while the lower group portrays the Maya moon goddess Ix Chel holding two small Chacs or rain deities. The interior shrine of the lower gallery is the oldest part of the temple.

Outside, the temple frieze has 3 niches, with a central Diving God in stucco relief. On the corners are low relief Chac masks combined with Mixteca elements. In front of the temple is a small altar and stela with a short count date of AD 1263.


[Fig.1: Temple of the Frescoes at Tulum (photo: Athena Review).]


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